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Kashman's Place features an atmosphere that is exciting and inviting, creating a standard that is a step above the average cafe. It is our intention to provide a creative menu with innovative recipes made from specially selected natural ingredients. Our bagels are made on the premises the old fashioned way, from scratch. Customer service is emphasized through a well-qualified staff with training that facilitates both customer relations and product knowledge. We believe that nothing is too much to satisfy our customer.

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Kashman's Place began as a dream early on. In 1999, the dream became a reality when Steve and Nancy decided to move to Scottsdale, Arizona and made the decision to open a bagel shop. They had a mission — to make bagels as good as what they remembered growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

Steve's family was in this business and he knew the taste he wanted to achieve with his bagels would be hard to replicate outside of New York. The secret ingredient to great's in the water. They had the city water in Brooklyn tested and it turns out it is some of the purest water around. They built a water system in both the Kashman's restaurants that perfectly replicates East Coast spring water — turning Arizona water into New York water — and winding up with great bagels locally.

Steve and Nancy's vision immediately expanded to a full breakfast and lunch restaurant with fresh food made daily, good portion sizes, breakfast and lunch served all day, and a friendly welcoming environment. Their intent was to create a neighborhood place that their customers could count on — a consistently clean restaurant with recipes made fresh daily, from scratch without preservatives. Kashman's Place's team approach makes this happen. Each employee is cross-trained to help create the deserved dining experience for our guests.

Steve and Nancy take a hands-on approach to the business. They have worked for years to perfect their recipes, continually expanding the menu. Nancy works with the cooks to develop new recipes, many based on customer requests. Their menu includes assorted omelets, pancakes, "bagelwiches", homemade soups, hot and cold sandwiches including their corned beef Reuben, over a dozen salads, scrumptious omelets, pancakes and of course their bagels which are boiled and baked on the premises.

Five years after the first Kashman's Place, on January 17, 2005, a second Scottsdale location was opened to serve our customers further north.

Through the years, Kashman's Place has received many awards and accolades. They have achieved their vision. Today and every day you can count on an experience where everyone is a guest in the Kashman's Place home. Kashman's Place is often imitated but never is an original. Welcome to Kashman's Place — "The breakfast and lunch place."